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The following people have contributed to the development of QMC2 - M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II.

René Reucher

rene dot reucher at batcom-it dot net or renereucher at gmail dot com

  • Project maintainer
  • Ideas, design and programming
  • Beta tests and ports (openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva, OpenSolaris, ... Mac OS X and Windows)
  • Creation of binary packages for openSUSE and Windows
  • German translation, documentation
  • Maintaining category.ini (non-arcade systems)
  • Promotion, website and everything else

Robert Hamberger

rh474 at bingo-ev dot de

  • Backup project maintainer
  • Ideas
  • Beta tests (openSUSE, Windows)
  • Preview creation
  • Promotion

Carsten Engel

carsten dot engel at maxi-dsl dot de

  • Ideas and programming
  • Beta tests (Windows)
  • Original idea and implementation of the ROMAlyzer as a perl-script
  • Preview creation

Christopher Stone

chris dot stone at gmail dot com

  • Ideas and programming
  • Beta tests (Fedora)
  • Creation of binary packages for the Fedora project

Armin Schmidhuber

info at zxmamecd dot eu

  • Beta tests (ZXMameCD)
  • Bug reports
  • Contributions (KHotKeys definitions, image sets)
  • Creation of binary packages for Slackware Linux

Julian Sikorski

belegdol at gmail dot com

  • Beta tests (Fedora)
  • Bug reports
  • Polish translation
  • Creation of binary packages for the Fedora project

Vincent Bousquet

webmaster at arcadehits dot net

  • French translation
  • Former web space sponsor
  • Unofficial Gentoo Linux ebuilds

William Blake

wdblake at gmail dot com

  • Ideas
  • Beta tests (Yellow Dog Linux)
  • Bug reports
  • Creation of binary packages for Yellow Dog Linux on Playstation 3



  • Valuable feedback
  • Ideas (mainly MESS related)
  • Beta tests (Debian)
  • Bug reports

Vasantha Crabb

vastheman at users dot sourceforge dot net

  • Original maintainer of the Mac OS X port (now maintained by René Reucher)

Marcelo Bossoni

mmbossoni at gmail dot com

  • Portuguese translation
  • Bug reports and feature requests
  • Creation of binary packages for Ubuntu / Debian GNU Linux
  • Programming (Java-based editor for emulator templates)

David Ely

eva001 at gmail dot com

  • Creation of binary packages for Mac OS X

Anna Wu

  • Beta-testing, bug reports, feature requests
  • Creation of binary packages for Win32
  • End-user support

Stefano Cereda

cereda dot ste at gmail dot com

  • Italian translation

Mihai Boisteanu

mihujoy at gmail dot com

  • Romanian translation

Daniel Barrado

dbarpas at lavabit dot com

  • Spanish translation

Jacques Châtelet

jackchatelet at yahoo dot fr

  • Nice logo images / application icons and beautiful eye-candy for QMC2 Arcade

Kostas Albanidis

kostas dot daskalos at gmail dot com

  • Greek translation

Daniel Nylander

po at danielnylander dot se

  • Swedish translation

Mario Sergio

mariosergio7 at gmail dot com

  • Mac OS X development: embedder support (WIP)

José Marcio Rezende Franco

spannopan at yahoo dot com dot br

  • Creation of alternative system- and software-notes templates

Pete Beardmore

elbeardmorez at msn dot com

  • Ideas, design and programming
  • Author of the darkone theme for QMC2 Arcade

Yû Voskoboinikov

braintrash at me dot com

  • French translation