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QMC2 - M.A.M.E. Catalog/Launcher II

End-user oriented

The 'ultimate' guide to QMC2 A comprehensive guide to QMC2, offering quick-start information for new users as well as advanced usage tips
QMC2 FAQ Collection of frequently asked questions about QMC2
Qt CHDMAN GUI Guide to using Qt CHDMAN GUI, a Qt-based graphical user-interface for chdman
QMC2 usage videos Official QMC2 usage videos / video tutorials

Developer / technical writer oriented

Writing translations Quick-start guide for new QMC2 translators
Writing QML themes for QMC2 Arcade How to create QML themes for QMC2 Arcade (work-in-progress)

About this project

About QMC2 About QMC2 -- short history, current status, list of features and contact information
Development team and contributors Brief introduction to the QMC2 development team members and contributors

Community builds

Anna's Playground Win32 MinGW QMC2 SVN builds by Anna Wu

Other MAME related software projects

VNC OSD interface Lightweight VNC OSD interface for MAME, so you can run the emulator remotely and connect to it via multiple VNC clients :)

Programming with Qt

Building Qt on Linux / UNIX Creating a Qt development environment on Linux / UNIX systems
Building Qt on Mac OS X Creating a Qt development environment on Mac OS X
Building Qt on Windows (VC++ 2010) Creating a Qt development environment on Windows (using VC++ 2010)
Building Qt on Windows (MinGW) Creating a Qt development environment on Windows (using MinGW)

Miscellaneous software projects

Xlsxtract Extracts cell data from .xlsx files
mouseOnStick mouseOnStick is a UNIX / Linux (X11) tool which translates SDL joystick input to mouse movement, keyboard input and/or command execution
pvvgname This utility reads the name of the Linux LVM2 volume group that a physical volume belongs to directly from the metadata stored on disk

Fun and gaming

Descent 3 Yeah, the legend is still alive :)

MediaWiki information

User's guide MediaWiki user's guide
FAQ MediaWiki FAQ
Configuration MediaWiki configuration settings